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About Us


The concept WE’VE GOT IT FROM HERE! is how one generation passes on the flame of knowledge onto the next generation. This new generation accepts responsibility to carry on this flame of knowledge, kept lit by generation after generation.

Passing on the flame of knowledge: Mentors use their expertise to pass on knowledge and they also guide students to find information on their own. The students accept this knowledge and promise to pass it on and let the mentors know WE'VE GOT IT FROM HERE!

What is knowledge? Information, understanding, and/or skills that you get from experience or education. A teacher passes on knowledge to a student as well as a parent passes on knowledge to their child. A military veteran passes on knowledge to a new member of the military as well as always reassuring the previous generation WE'VE GOT IT FROM HERE!

WE'VE GOT IT FROM HERE! is a celebration of mentorship! Who has passed on their knowledge to help you become the person you are today? Who are you passing on your knowledge too?

A portion of all purchases will go towards helping homeless Veterans!

Let your mentor, parent, or teacher know that they need not worry, you have learned from them which makes the world safe and WE'VE GOT IT FROM HERE!